Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Videos

This first video is less than a minute long. It's just from one day when I was watering the garden and the kids decided they wanted to take part too. This was just one of many days where this was an afternoon activity earlier this summer!

This video is just over a minute long - thank goodness Dad taught me how to edit my videos! Now y'all don't have to watch the ENTIRE thing!

So, Brianna has a tendency to randomly start telling stories that may or may not be totally accurate. This is one time I caught it on tape!

The story begins with someone returning to Ninevah....

"And she went back to God and said a prayer, and now he went back to life and... ??? (Very serious look.) And Jonah went in a big whale... told ??? to SPIT UP onto the land."

Me: "You're right!"

Bri: "And he came back to life."

Me: "Well, he didn't die when he was in the fish's stomach..."

Bri: "But he did swallow!

Me: "But he did swallow."

Bri: "But he did swallow Jonah. But he said, "God, I think I'm gonna go to Ninevah!"

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Jennifer Kirby said...

Bri on Jonah is priceless!