Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Bookshelf

Ever since Brianna was a baby we've had this bookshelf up in her room:

I love it (it matches all her furniture) and it was free (thanks, Leila!) but I kept seeing a couple of flaws with it at this age. It's not very sturdy, and the kids could only use the bottom two or three shelves. Even the third shelf was a bit high for the kids and it made them want to climb up to it. This entire bookshelf actually fell on top of Brianna one time when she did that! So I told Stephen I wanted to move it to the attic until she was old enough for it. But then just a couple of days later, I was looking on Facebook at our online garage sale page and came across a bookshelf that was TOO CUTE, but the best part was - 41 hardcover books were included with the sale! It was just $45 and I grabbed that sucker!

The best part is, Bri's old bookshelf didn't have to go in the attic - we just passed it on to Kaleb!

I was super proud of my buy, as sometimes I have a tendency to splurge on things that end up not getting used (yes, even those of us with frugal mind-sets have mess-ups!).  We love the look in Brianna's room and I love the books!

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