Monday, August 13, 2012

July Pictures - Water Table and Friends!

Hunter got an early birthday present from Oma and Opa - a water table! We are very, very excited around this house!

Play date with cousins!!

Brianna has been sending drawings to her Opa recently but this one is very special because she wrote his name on this one! Opa should feel very privileged. :)

One of Brianna's favorite things to do at Classy Paci is try on the shoes, tell me to take a picture, and then run away! So most of my pictures come out blurry!

A favorite thing to do at home is clean the windows. I am not even kidding you. I think most kids love this chore and I am all about giving her the glass cleaner and a rag and letting her go at it.

One of Bri's door decorations: a scarf and tape. God help the person who takes this scarf off this door!

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