Thursday, August 16, 2012

Granny's House

A few weeks ago, Jennifer set up a play date for our kids at Granny and Granddaddy's house. We had a blast and ended up staying quite a while because we were having so much fun!

We got there and the kids wouldn't even go outside. Distracted by KITTENS they chased and laughed and petted to their heart's content! Granny laughed and said these kittens probably didn't know what to do - they are the neighbor's cats and Granddaddy is usually "shoo-ing" them off the property! They sure got plenty of love this morning though!

It wasn't too long before we made it to the back yard. The girls immediately went to the "counter" and began spouting off tons of imaginary play.

All four kids in one shot? Don't mind if I do!

Brianna loves to con the younger ones into chasing her, and then she never lets them catch her. No matter what she's doing lately she always wants to be in front, or be the first one to do something. I don't know where this competitive drive came from!!

I remember at this point Brianna was huffing and puffing. She stopped running and said, "Whew! I'm exhausted!"

This is about 15 seconds later. Obviously the rest of the kids were just as exhausted :)

Hunter and Evan discussing the amount of rain we've gotten lately.

Of course there's plenty of Ring Around the Rosies!

Granddaddy made the mistake of telling Evan he wanted some pinestraw. Boy did he get it! Sweet Evan brought him a whole bouquet, piece by piece! It was so adorable!

Jennifer introduced the Lincoln Logs and the girls loved building houses with her and Granny!

Hunter preferred carrying the logs around in his school bus.

I love all four of these kids and the two great-grandparents so much!!

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