Friday, March 21, 2014

Big Bad Wolf is Good (Review)

My kids absolutely love anything having to do with the "Big Bad Wolf" character. So this was an easy pick from the library for them. It's called "Big Bad Wolf is Good" and is written by Simon Puttock.

In this book, Big Bad Wolf is trying to change his ways. He decides that in order to be labeled as "good" he just has to act good. Unfortunately, he already has a reputation, and people think his good manners are just an act. So he decides he needs to be good and useful. Unfortunately, no one will let him help out with anything due to his reputation again! So he finally decides he must be good and useful and do a noble deed.

I won't spoil the ending in case you want to read it. But my kids (3 and 4) really enjoyed the book as a whole. The pictures (illustrated by Lynne Chapman) are really awesome. The story is fun to read, too. Actually, my daughter (4) was pretty upset that the other characters kept being mean to Big Bad Wolf, but it brought up a couple of great topics, such as second chances and not judging people by how they look.

You can buy a copy from Amazon here (affiliate link):

Big Bad Wolf is Good

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