Friday, March 21, 2014

Dream Animals (Review)

My 4-year old daughter, who is a huge girly-girl, picked out this book after seeing pictures of fairies and elves on the inside pictures. This is "Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey" by Emily Winfield Martin.

I have to admit I didn't enjoy this book as much as my daughter, but she loved it. I didn't feel there was a whole lot of substance to the story. But when you bring in a girl in a dress flying on a goose, fairies dancing, and mermaids having a tea party - my daughter is full in!!

The illustrations are beautiful and captivating. And although I personally wasn't a huge fan of this book, it seemed to have a really calming effect on both my kids (3 and 4).

You can buy a copy from Amazon here (affiliate link):

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey

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