Friday, March 21, 2014

Library Mouse (Review)

I think it's safe to say that my son picked this book out due to the cool mouse on the front cover with an acorn helmet and sword!

"Library Mouse" by Daniel Kirk was a very cute book to read. Sam is a mouse who happens to live in a library. He spends all day reading and eating crumbs. His imagination was running wild, so he decided to write a book. He wrote an autobiography and put it in the autobiography section of the library. When it was discovered, no one knew who this mystery author was. His next novel, "The Lonely Cheese" was another hit. When the librarian posts a letter pleading for the author to make himself known, Sam has an idea. He creates a way for all the children in the library to create their own stories and become authors. Eventually the library is filled with novels of all topics written by all kinds of people. I loved the line in the book that said, "Soon there was a whole shelf full of books written and illustrated by people who had never written a book before, telling stories that had never been told."

I think this is a great lesson for our kids. We all have stories that should be told. We all have the ability to create stories. It would be so much fun to have kids write a book after reading this one. It doesn't have to be lengthy, but I guarantee they will have a blast. I did this with my husband's cousins several years ago when they were younger and made them copies of the book. We all still have our copies. They are so fun to look back on! It's a great way to stretch the imagination.

My kids (3 and 4) loved this book. I will say it is a little long. It was no problem for my kids, but it took 10-15 minutes to read the whole story. Mine are used to sitting for long periods and reading but if yours aren't you could break up the story. I think it's interesting enough to keep most children's attention anyway.

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Library Mouse

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