Thursday, June 12, 2014

Miss Spider's Wedding (Review)

This review is for "Miss Spider's Wedding" by David Kirk. My kids are obsessed with Miss Spider, which came about in an unknown way, because I'm pretty sure they have never seen the corresponding television show. This book is before Miss Spider because Mrs. Spider and tells about her courtship with Holley (now her husband). I have to admit, my daughter loves this books (wedding involved!) but I felt it was way too long and tedious to read. I really felt like there were details added to the book that were really unnecessary. My son can hardly sit through the whole book at once. While my daughter does, I feel like she zones out at times. I like the fact that it has very unfamiliar words because then we can talk about those words, but there are a lot of those words and I also feel at times that can be overwhelming for them. I think this would be a good book for an older child, but I know the television show is geared toward preschool age children.

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