Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mom Seeks God Review

Mom Seeks God by Julia Roller was like a sigh of relief to my world which seems to be filled with chaos too frequently! It is so rare to find women who are honest about the struggle of motherhood. (Why is that??)

In this book, Roller talks of the struggle of being a great mom, a great wife, a great servant of God, a great cook, a great employee, etc. etc. and balancing it all perfectly. She takes readers on a year-long journey in her life where she is totally honest about the hard parts and how she figured out how to relate it all to her personal life in the stage she was in at the time. It was while reading this book that I figured out I have really turned introverted as I have gotten older. Roller speaking of her own experience with this helped me say "yes" to more group activities, which I often find I need more and more.

This book is staying on my shelf and I will read it over and over again I'm sure. I also really enjoyed her "non-expert tips" at the end of each chapter!

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity and Abingdon Press for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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