Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tinka (Review)

This review is for "Tinka" by Rainy Dohaney. This is a story about Tinka, a little lamb who is the size of a cupcake. She is often made fun of due to her size, particularly by the other average-sized sheep. The big talk of the barn is about this huge purple spider which is on a far-away hill. The hill is too far for any of the sheep to travel to, but Tinka can't even see the purple spider. One day she hops onto her friend's back, who happens to be a bird, and she gets a close-up view of the spider that makes her feel very special. It's a really cute story. I love how the sheep say things like, the spider is "baaah-aah-aah-eeootiful" and "gigaah-aah-aah-antic"! It makes my kids giggle every time the sheep speak!

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