Thursday, August 7, 2014

August 7, 2014

I never seem to write anything personal on here anymore, and I'm really bad about journaling because it takes so long for me to write things down. It's easier for me to take pictures of everything I'm involved in so I can remember what we're up to. But sometimes I want to just sit down and look back over the day and remember...

A morning spent in pajamas, watching cartoons and eating omelettes and waffles.

A trip to Walmart that was completed in less than 30 minutes and without a single whine or complaint from either child!

A stop at our favorite roadside stand where Mr. Steve always talks to the kids (my bosses, he calls them), where we go to buy okra and leave with okra, cucumbers, and fresh corn because the kids are begging for these things. And when they beg for fresh fruits and vegetables - you don't say no. They walk around in their bare feet in the field he sets up in and try to find dandelions ("sunflowers" as Hunter calls them). 

A game of Clue between Brianna and I that is great for just slowing down and chatting.

Buying a new laminator and laminating everything in sight to get ready for our first day of Kindergarten.

Returning books to the library and getting new ones. Brianna getting nine prizes for how much reading she's done during the summer, and Hunter getting three. Seeing our friend, Connor, who comes to the library occasionally and will talk your ears off. Playing with him, using Gumby-like monkey and alien figurines. Being as loud as we want because we're the only two families there. Miss Patty letting Brianna and Hunter stamp their own books like always.

Saying goodnight to Brianna in her princess tent rather than her bed. Telling a story which absolutely had to include "a princess, a dragon, a tall tower and a prince" which sounds eerily familiar. A princess named Ellabelle who fell into a creek when she was 16 and fell asleep, only to be kidnapped by the enemies. The prince came and rescued her by fighting off the dragon with only a sword, plunging it deep into the dragon's belly, killing it. Hearing her sing "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" to me - "one for my master and one for his mane..." because she can never remember the word "dame".

Hunter wanting me to sing him the same song three times in a row. An old Kindermusik song, "Bluebird" which is made up of seven lullabies. That's 21 songs before we even say goodnight prayers.

And ordering my last piece of curriculum for the school year.

I have a head cold; so do Brianna and Hunter. I was grumpy at times today when I shouldn't have been, and the kids misbehaved when I would have preferred they didn't... but I'm really glad those aren't the things that came to mind when I looked back on today. I'm so thankful for my family and my life. Feeling blessed.

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