Thursday, August 21, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 4

I can't believe it's already almost the end of week one! I have to wonder what Brianna is going to think when we don't have school for two days, and then start again on Monday! It's so funny to explain things like that to kids when they really don't have any concept of it, but as adults it seems so common-sense to us!

First is always prayer time and saying the pledges. Brianna insists on writing in her prayer journal while I write in the one we share. She also takes notes while I talk about our Bible story and first part of history. Today we talked about Abraham, and then we talked about the food that the first people would have eaten. Good thing we are hunters around here - she isn't grossed out at all by the talk of chopping up deer/bison/wooly mammoths or skinning them or eating them! Hah!

 Next was math. We've moved from the number one to number two. The number 2 is so difficult to write! She gets aggravated when it's not perfect, but I keep promising her she will improve as she practices.

 Then we read our poetry for the day. From Mother Goose we had "Hickory Dickory Dock" and "The Mischievous Raven". The book only had one verse of Hickory Dickory Dock, so she sang me the rest of the song. Then we read a poem from our Llama poetry book called "Birthdays".

 Recess!! Part of kindergarten requirements is to learn to count from 1-10. That's nothing new for Bri, but it's still content on some of her worksheets, so instead of just rote counting we decided to learn the real rules of hopscotch today. I cannot believe I'm 31 and just now learning the real rules! (And yes, I played too, I'm just always behind the camera!)

Back inside, it was time for community helpers/social studies. Today we learned about one of the most important members of the community (in our opinion), our pastor. I am very grateful that we attend a small(ish), familiar church. She knows our pastor very well, so this was really easy for us to talk about. We talked about how we can help out Pastor Chad at church. She said things like: listening to him, being respectful to him, not running in the church, and cleaning up our mess. Then we talked about how we can help him when we aren't at church: by praying for him. She colored him a picture and we sent him a letter explaining that we will be praying for him because we know how difficult his job is. This was a suggestion in our activity book and I am really glad we did that. Hopefully she realizes how hard pastors work, and how important it is to be respectful of the church and all the positions in the church.

 A very important side note in the letter she wrote to him:

 And for those of you who are curious, this is what Hunter does while we have school:

 Then it was time for Language Arts. Still working on the letter "F", so she did a little copywork.

 Then we finished up with our short history lesson. This whole first chapter we did this week was really about introducing history to her and explaining why it's important. It was great to discuss things with her like her own history, our future, and things like that.

So, another successful day down! Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate our first week of school by hitting up the library and having a movie night. I can't wait!

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