Monday, August 25, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 6

Already on to week two of Kindergarten! I can't believe how quickly time passes. I was curious to see how this morning would go after having a weekend with no school schedule. The only person in the house who was bothered was Hunter! I think he was hoping that whole school thing was just an ugly phase! :-)  After the first fifteen minutes, though, he must have remembered how much he enjoys playing without sharing! We were uninterrupted until our singing and laughing floated upstairs... and then he joined us for a little while!

Before getting to the school stuff, here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Brianna showing off her new dress from Grandma. It is just her style!

 Saturday we woke up to no water (water main break) and then that night we had no electricity (tree fell on power branches)! We had to eat McDonalds since it happened right at dinner time. Of course I didn't hear any complaining from the kids!

 We had a praying mantis visit us last year. Not sure if this is the same guy, but we welcome him!

 Stephen was gone to a race over the weekend so we had to welcome him back home too!

Okay, on to our school day!
Starting off with our prayer list. Every day I write our new names down (if we have any) and she is still copying them into her own journal. She even grabs it at lunch time and goes down her list while we're blessing the food. It's really sweet. Rest assured, if I tell you that you are on our prayer list, you ARE being prayed for!

Next was Bible time. We did our devotions out of this book this morning. I'm skipping around in different Bible devotion books right now, trying to find one that I like. So many of them are dumbed down. I liked this one, though. Maybe we'll stick with it for a few days. Although we are being pretty rebellious by using it in the morning! ;-)

 Still talking about prehistoric times. Today we talked about the ways they traveled. A lot of these are things Brianna is pretty familiar with, so she catches on very quickly.

 While she colored, I read our poetry. Our Mother Goose rhyme was "Old Mother Hubbard", which was MUCH longer than I remember it being! It had over a dozen verses! It was pretty silly and she really liked it. We also read "The Birthday Bus" from our Llama poetry book. It was really cute!

 This is what she was coloring: Our new Bible verse for the week is Acts 16:31.


 I read our history next. We are kind of going over things that aren't really new to her (like the story of creation) so I was excited to see these fun activities in our book.

This was a song which helps you learn the continents. It was so cute that we did it several times - and Hunter jumped in on it too!

Then we played this game where we tried to "trick" each other like Satan tricked Eve in the garden. I would make two sounds. If they were different sounds, she would say, "Ssssssss!" like a snake. If they were the same, she would say, "Yes Lord, I'll obey you." It was actually fun, and she took a turn trying to trick me as well!

 Time for math! Still reviewing numbers one and two and also sticking in some colors and shapes. I'm kind of thankful for this early time of review. It's very simple for her so she tends to rush through things. It gives me an opportunity to remind her to wait for instructions so she doesn't do anything wrong. It's a good chance for her to learn to slow down and listen.

For example, on this sheet I pointed out the numbers which I felt she had rushed through - as well as the coloring. I reminded her of our rule that says "Always do your best work". I am trying to teach her that even though she feels something is easy, or she already knows it, doesn't mean she rushes through or does it in a sloppy manner.

Next up is language arts. For just a few minutes we review the letter "F" from last week. We will make an alphabet book from her own creations this year, so we did that today. She wanted her "F" word to be "Fish". Then she also drew and wrote two more words - Fox and Family. I'll laminate them all at the end of the year.

But our letter this week is B! So we journeyed through the dictionary to find words we recognized. Even Hunter wanted in on this part.

These "Do-A-Dot" pages are very simple and I feel as though they are much too young for her but she really loves them for some reason. So of course I'll let her keep doing them until she gets bored with them!

She also had to do copywork of the uppercase B.

Technically, school was over, so we moved on to painting. I had found an activity I wanted to do with the kids. Believe it or not, it is okra painting! I know, crazy. So apparently if you use a little paint on okra, it looks like a flower and is totally gorgeous.

Didn't work so well with us.

After a few minutes we moved on to paintbrushes and then paint with water books. That's okay, it was just an experiment!

We love to paint.

We also read a bunch of books today, including more of The Boxcar Children, which we're about halfway through. Later in the evening I got on the piano and played the music for several of the nursery rhymes we've been reading in the Mother Goose book. These are often the songs the kids request for their bedtime music. For a long time, the only song Hunter wanted was Twinkle, Twinkle. Now both of them are stuck on "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" and "Three Blind Mice". I know, violence at bedtime. Although I will say, tonight Brianna and I sang a pretty powerful duet from the movie Frozen.

We also got out our Wee Sing Games book tonight. We hadn't looked through that book in probably a year. Bri recognized lots of the games and silly songs we used to do, but she enjoyed them more than ever. Hunter is at the right age for them too. That was a lot of fun! It makes me very happy to do things like that with them because I remember my own parents taking a lot of time to do things like that with me.

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