Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 7

For some reason, Hunter was way more involved today than any other day. At bedtime I mentioned that he sat with us a bunch tonight. He said, "Yep, I interrupted!" (Was he proud of that??? Hah!) I told him he wasn't interrupting, and I was happy for him to come sit with us as long as he didn't distract Brianna from getting things done. He seemed happy with that agreement. We'll see. Tomorrow we'll be doing school during naptime, so he won't even be around for it. It was pretty cool to see how much he picked up on today even though I didn't think he'd be interested in the content of what we were studying. I told my mom that he came in for Bible time but then left during math and she said, "Oh! He takes after his grandma!" :-)

Prayer time/pledges:

Going over our Bible verse for the week (Acts 16:31). She basically has memorized it already which is very impressive. I told her she has all week to learn it but she has a great memory. I wish she could share that with me!

 Bible time: Today we watched a couple of videos on YouVersion again, about Abraham. Then we read the story about Abraham and Isaac.

Encyclopedia time: We talked about all the ways traveling has changed over time. I was really proud of her, because I pointed to the first chariots and she remembered last week how we talked about the first wheels being wooden. It's nice to know that she's paying attention and linking these things together. She really enjoyed talking about the trains, and even remembered this afternoon all the speeds we talked about (first steam train went just 15 mph, while the ones made in the 1930s were going up to 100 mph). We also talked about how fast cars go. She was astounded to learn that in 1997 a car with a jet engine actually went 750 mph! When we were leaving the gas station later in the day, she said, "Mom, can we go 750?" Hunter started chiming in, "Yeah, 750! Yeah!" So I said, "Sure!" and they both started cheering and yelling. After going 35 mph for a couple of minutes they realized that my car actually wasn't built to go that fast. Hah! I told them I would never go 750 mph with them in the car!!

Next was math. Today's focus was the number three along with some shapes and colors.

Next was our poetry. From Mother Goose we read "Solomon Grundy", "Pop Goes the Weasel" and "Jeremiah". From our Llama poetry book we read "Brother" and "My Sister Saw a Dinosaur". This is a great poetry book! I highly recommend it!

 Then we talked about the days of the week. She learned a song a couple of years ago for that, so she knows them really well. I found an easy worksheet for her to do and went and checked on Hunter. He was being really quiet...

 Check him out! He's playing a matching game!

 ...and eating tons and tons of peanuts.

Break time! I needed to make a cake so the kids created a table and had a snack.

 Then this "bridge" was born. Probably not the safest thing I've ever let them do. Grandparents, avert your eyes! (No children were harmed in the making of this "bridge")

 Okay, back to work! Language arts: working on the letter "B" still this week.

 Hanging out, being patient.

 Time for community helpers/social studies. Today we talked about firefighters. We had great discussions due to the fact that we actually visited a fire station with a local homeschool group last year. The kids remembered so much from that visit.

 I can't remember what she was talking about, but she was describing the duties of firefighters.

 She had to look on her map and tell me which direction the fire house was located in (west). Then I picked out a house on the east side of town and she had to "drive" to the house fire while telling directions (north, south, east or west). She loved that game and did it several times.

 For history, we finished our unit that was on creation, sin, the beginning of the world, oceans/continents, etc.

We played a game that is supposed to help with "in", "out", "near", etc. Inside the circle is the Garden of Eden. I would say a phrase - "Eat from a tree inside the garden!" and they had to follow the directions. Then, "Walk around the garden!" or "Sing in the garden!" or "Cry outside the garden!" or "Dig near the garden!".

 This is our song to help remember the continents (1 minute 30 seconds):

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