Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Break and Kindergarten - Day 69

We had the best beginning to Thanksgiving break - going to pick up Oma from the airport!!

 I apologize in advance to all of you who are not military and don't have access to the USO in airports. The Raleigh one is particularly nice and was perfect for us to relax in while waiting for Oma's delayed flight.

 Going to see The Nutcracker ballet for the first time (for the kids)

 Dinner that included Talberts, Klanns and Akridges! Awesome!

Thanksgiving Day was at Granny's and we got in some great cousin time and took a nice walk.

 Cousin time again! This time at Purple Penguin.

Reading to Oma before bedtime:

Every 5th Sunday at church we have "Faith's Got Talent" and you can do anything during your performance. We have a lot of talented people! This time Brianna did a knock-knock joke routine. I was so proud of her! I was so happy to have the opportunity to play with a band and sing a Barlowgirl song. It was awesome!

Day 69 - Monday (December 1) (back after Thanksgiving break)

Missionary story:

 From our "Five True Dog Stories" book:


 I liked this activity because Bri had a bunch of "tens" and a bunch of "ones" and she had to figure out where they matched up perfectly. A bit more thinking than it sounds like.

Snowman glyph activity:

 "My name is Bri. My hat means that I am a girl. My scarf is purple. This means I like cold weather. I have 5 buttons. This means that I am 5 years old. My eyes are green. This means that I like hot cocoa."

"My name is Hunter. My hat means that I am a boy. My scarf is orange. This means I like warm weather. I have 4 buttons. This means that I am 4 years old. My eyes are blue. This means that I don't like hot cocoa."

Hunter making equal amounts of aliens:

 Bri - subtraction:

Door hanger craft:



Our favorite library books from the week of Thanksgiving:

Bri's book to read:

 Bri reading her snowman glyph information paper:

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