Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 76 and Day 77

Day 76 - Wednesday

During our time at PCA on Wednesday I thought the kids would enjoy making another big ornament. It was the first craft for some of these little ones! They were so cute!

Bri writes in her journal before we get started:

Learning the background of candy canes:

So much of our school stuff was top secret in December! We did a lot of volunteer work and writing letters to people and a lot of it can't be captured on camera. So our official school work may have been short on some of these days but we were having lots of fun and learning a lot outside the books!

Day 77 - Thursday

Early morning snuggles are the best!

Learning about the reason behind reindeer:

 Making ornaments while Hunter naps:

Favorite library books from this week: (I forgot to snap pictures of some of them)

Library books Brianna read:

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