Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 72 and Day 73

Day 72 - Thursday (December 4)

 Reward chart reward - Dunkin Donuts!

Day 73 - Friday

 She was instructed to write the sentence that I read out loud - "Dad hid his fit cat." Very proud of her!

Then I read "mad - dip - sad - pad" and she wrote those words. She had to: circle the words that rhyme, underline the word that is the antonym for happy, put a box around the word with the "i" vowel, and write a word that rhymes with "dip".

 More cute Christmas crafts:

 Angel Tree delivery setup on Friday night!

Here are two library books from this week - not sure why I only snapped pics of these two.

This was one that Brianna read by herself. We really enjoyed it.

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