Monday, December 22, 2014

Kindergarten - Day 68

Day 68 - Friday (November 21)

 This was the day we went with our 4H group to tour the Southern Pines Police Department. They are a little more "upgraded" than the Aberdeen department which we toured several weeks back. This department has a canine unit which was so cool!

 The interrogation room:

 The room with the lie detectors - much fancier stuff than what I've seen in old movies!

 Hunter took these pictures in the dispatch room:

 Conference room:

Naughty children!

 You never know when you'll need a body shield!

K9 demonstration - "Kelly"

 Fallen officers:

 Short video of the dog following commands:

 Our favorite library books this week:

The books that Bri read:

 What Hunter did while Bri was at play practice on Saturday:

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