Wednesday, August 1, 2007

11 Angry Jurors

Thanks, dad, for the assistance in an appropriate title for yesterday's blog. His suggestion was "12 Angry Men." There's also a CSI episode (which many of you know, I'm addicted to CSI) called 11 Angry Jurors where a juror actually dies during deliberation. It turns out he was allergic to something in the lunch - no one actually killed him. I had jury duty this week for my very first time. It was State vs. Valleriano for charges of drug trafficking. Halfway through the trial yesterday, Valleriano changed his plea to guilty. I was happy because we got to leave early, but sad for the guy because I think his lawyer was really, really awful. In fact, I'm about 105% sure I could have done a better job.

Since my last update, we went to Georgia for Stephen's birthday. We went to 3 of the 4 Braves/Cardinals games for their series. Braves won 2 of the games, which isn't too awful, but on Stephen's birthday, they won 14-6 and we set a record for attendance - 53000 people! I've got some pictures I'll put up sometime soon hopefully. The first night we sat right behind first base, the second night we sat behind third base, and the third night we sat behind first base again. The third night we went as soon as the gates open for batting practice. We saw up close and personal: Julio Franco, Woodward, Saltalamacchia (I spelled that without checking it so that's probably wrong), Chipper Jones, and several more that I can't remember now. We made big posters to pledge our loyalty to certain players (Jennifer's said "I love Chipper", mine said "McCann's the man" and "We love Andruw", and Stephen's was a tomahawk chopping up the Cardinals. Not the birds, the word.) Anyway, we had tons of fun. It made me miss the hockey games we always went to in Charleston. There's nothing like that around here really. And it's super cheap in Charleston too.

We went to Carowinds with our youth group last week and had a BLAST. Only one kid threw up, but 6 almost did. Three wouldn't even ride the kiddie rollercoasters. Two wore white shirts and couldn't ride the log flume. But all in all, it was an awesome day. Stephen and I taught the kids how to pose for the cameras on the coasters, which made for some hilarious pictures.

I took off the side bar that had the last 5 books I read. I read 4 while we were in Georgia and I just don't have time to update that like I want to. So, 'tis gone.

Well, I haven't updated in forever because I felt like I had so much to say. But now I can't think of anything. So I better run and get some stuff done.

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