Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Pictures from several events I've been meaning to post.

Not so great picture of us (of me, that is)

My cutie patootie husband

He was forced to wear these Scooby-Doo ears to fit in with the theme of the party!

And I just thought they were cute! We all had to wear these masks to play the games (Pin the Tag on Scooby, bouncy ball games, BINGO)

On our way to the Braves game

Outside Turner Field

My sign says, "McCann is the MAN!", and Jenn's says, "I "heart" CHIPPER!" Stephen's is a tomahawk chopping up the Cardinals. Rarr!!

We were practically inside the bullpen during batting practice. Here's Julio Franco up close and personal!

Cartel performed one night - they were really good!

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jennifer dare kirby said...

You and your hottie husband are so freaking cute! I love you.