Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekends aren't long enough

I love weekends like this, but it makes Mondays so much worse! This weekend our friend Mike B. stayed with us for his UTA. So yesterday, after work and my mystery shop at Sonic (heck yes!) me, Stephen, Mike, Kelly and Brian played nine holes of golf. Mike, not knowing anything, challenged Stephen, Kelly and Brian to play against myself and him. That boy didn't know what he was in for!! We actually did pretty well. We double bogeyed for the game, but Stephen's team bogeyed, so we lost. But not by much! We'll get them next time.

Today after walking Cassie I was watering the plants. I'm really lazy and hate to pull out the water hose more than necessary, so it never reaches the plant on the left. Therefore, I had to pull the dang thing down to water it. Imagine my surprise when I pulled it down and saw this:

That's right! We have babies!! I didn't water it (thank you God) so I hope that the mama and daddy will continue taking care of the eggs. I noticed they were perched not too far away, watching my every move, so I hope that's a good sign. What a good day!

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