Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blast from the past

I love looking back at old blogs (livejournal, xanga, deadjournal) to see what I was doing in past years. Let's see what we find in a journey back...

This week in 2007, on Blogger, I had just found Jennifer T. (now C.) again, and we had gone on a date night and to dad's final singalong of the year. She cried the whole time because she was pregnant with Mark and very hormonal. Stephen was working night shift and we had just moved into our first house.

This week in 2006, on Xanga, I was getting good practice in turning down job offers in Charleston. We had just bought our beautiful new living room furniture, but it was May 2007 before we ever sat on it!! Stephen was working nights then too, and I would stay up all night watching movies until he got home around 8am. Then we'd sleep all day together. I was fortunate enough to not have to work during this time unless I chose to. And we were just getting ready to leave for Pigeon Forge for a week's vacation!

This week in 2005, on Deadjournal, I was hosting Trivial Pursuit competitions that lasted all night long. I was in summer school, where one of my teachers consistently made coffee and biscotti for us. It was exactly 4 months until me and Stephen were getting married and I was making all kinds of plans. Fun!

This week in 2004, I was in summer school again in Boone. I spent my days jumping off the dam with Mary, Tyler, et. al, and my nights playing darts and pool. And of course, we were constantly having game nights!!

My week in 2003 looks a loooot like 2004. I guess my interests didn't vary much.

This week in 2002, I was teaching myself how to cook. I came home from school and made manicotti for mom and dad. I was saving money for our first trip to Las Vegas. Keely was my roommate at this point already. And I was preparing for my sister to get married!

Well, that's all. Very interesting. And I am loving life more right now than I have any of those other years.


jennifer said...

I always love your blast-from-the-past blogs!

Gail said...

The last paragraph was my favorite!!!