Wednesday, May 21, 2008

#58 - Find a part time job.

Well, folks, you're looking at the new Weekend Coordinator at Friend To Friend, which is the local domestic violence shelter. I will be responsible for working with clients who are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault to achieve the goals which will help them become independent. I.E., answering the crisis line, managing the shelter a couple of 12-hour shifts a week, provide counseling to the women in the shelter, provide parenting and educational classes to the women, etc etc. I couldn't be more excited!

Earlier this year, I wrote this post about signing up for all different things at church, including: youth group again, assistant choir director, nursery coordinator, the drama team, the choir, and the food ministry. At the time, I was extremely disappointed when I was seemingly passed over for choir director and nursery coordinator. But I told Stephen, I really felt like I would be great for those jobs, and if I didn't get them, then I couldn't wait to see what else God had in store for me that was better than that! Well, I think this is my answer, only about 6 months later! Incredible. If I was doing that much at church I never would be able to take this weekend position. And as the director of FTF said, hopefully this will turn into something bigger after I finish school and everything. They're all about some internal hiring there!!

Meanwhile, did anyone else get a HECK of a storm last night? We couldn't go to church because of the hail. None of my pictures turned out - too dark - but here are the two videos I took:

This morning our neighborhood is trashed. Thank you God that there was no damage that I could see, and no one was hurt that I heard of. So we sat around watching the storm, eating yummy calzones, and watching TV. And went to bed EARLY! Hallelujah! I hope no one else got caught in the storms or had any damage.

Oh, P.S. Don't worry, our baby birdies are okay after the storm:

Can you see them? I can't get great pictures because I don't want my smell to get on them at all. Aren't they beautiful!?

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