Friday, May 30, 2008


Kathee at work is one of the funniest people to work with. She has all these quirks that pop up at random times. She is also a huge American Idol fan and Dancing With the Stars fan, so I am constantly hearing about both of those shows.

Today, pretty much everyone in the back office is gone, and our offices are pretty far apart, so Kathee has taken it upon herself to loudly blast David Cook music and sing at the top of her lungs. David Cook won American Idol this season, if you aren't up to date. It is sooo funny, because she's like 65 and she has self-diagnosed "Cookitis"! Hahaha! That cracks me up.

I am really really really looking forward to tonight. I don't have anything to do, because I finished my paper last night. I plan on vegging out in my PJs and watching movies until I pass out at like 8:30 because I have to be at the shelter very early in the morning. I am so excited! It's the little things.

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