Monday, July 7, 2008

#18 - Go back to Pennsylvania (i.e. I hope you like pictures)

As most of you know, Stephen and I went to Pennsylvania over this past week. We went with his two sisters, brother, mom, stepdad and dad. It was pretty much gogogo from beginning to end, which is the way I think it should be when you're visiting a place that you may not see again for a few years. Stephen and I had gone to PA for our anniversary last September and raved so much about it that everyone wanted to see it this summer. So we did pretty much all the same things that we had done the year before. Thursday was Hershey, Friday was Lancaster (Amish) and Saturday was Gettysburg. I forgot my camera on Friday, so ignore that day.


Ahh, chocolate world. The place where everytime you take part in a tour/movie/shopping, you receive free chocolate:

I am too cheap to buy these pictures, so this is a picture of our picture on the chocolate tour:

He only had two chocolate milkshakes... and it was devastating.

This is the trolley tour of the town. "Parents, if you have any small children, please make sure to keep hold of them for the whole ride. And children, if you have any small parents, please make sure to keep an eye on them during the whole ride."

These actors were the tour guides and also led us in singing songs, anywhere from patriotic songs to silly songs to songs from the '20's.

"Wilbur" dressed up as many different people throughout the tour. Here, he is Mama Hershey, passing out Reese's to everyone:

This is the whole gang when we walked City Island one night:

Stephen was bound and determined to buy this hat. I think he's kinda cute.


Triage costs an arm and a leg.

Our trolley picture:

We found an awesome butcher shop that sold us kangaroo and alligator jerky. Tastes just like regular beef to me. Here is Josh being adventurous: (he really did eat some)

Well, well, well! Look who it is! Miss Megan P. in the flesh!! I called Megs on the offchance that she was in Gettysburg for the weekend, and she just so happened to not only be in town, but be only a block away from where I was standing when I called her, and above the place we were having dinner that night. Isn't that wild!?

We went to a "ghost hunt" murder mystery dinner theatre. Jenn was chosen to be goddess Diana and Josh was a dancer trying to please her. If only the actresses had known what they were doing. After making Josh and another guy dance for almost a minute, they asked Jenn if the dancing pleased her. With a sly little grin, she said, "No!" which meant they had to continue dancing. Poor Josh! Hahaha. It was so funny.

We had to give gifts to goddess Diana. I gave two packets of sugar. Among other things, Jenn received a wadded up napkin, a Now & Later, an empty bottle of wine, and a dessert. Sweet!

There is Maryland to your right and D.C. to your left.

I'm sure I will post more later but I'm trying not to overload.


jennifer said...

Such a cool coincidence about Meghan! I would love to see her again.

Someone asked me this week whether it's true that Hershey has a chocolate river. That has to be false, right? Please enlighten, O wise one.

Katie said...

This looks both entertaining and delicious! Yummy! Glad you had fun!