Friday, July 18, 2008

I wish she was my boss

Jessie: Guess what's on TV right now? It's on channel 57.
Me: Umm... Barney?
Jessie: (rolls eyes) No... that's on channel 4.
Me: Umm... Zack and Cody?
Jessie: Amanda... that's on channel 16.
We interrupt this dialogue to let the reader know that this continued on for many. many. many. more guesses, all incorrect. Until finally, the correct answer was found!
Me: Yay! What do I win?
Jessie: (thinking) A day off!
Me: Wow!
Jessie: No... a WEEK off!!
Me: WOW!
Jessie: No.... um... FIVE WEEKS OFF!
Me: Sweet! Are you going to talk to your dad about that? Tell him we worked out a deal?
Jessie: Yeah, and if he doesn't do it - *pbbtt* - he's out the window!!

If only it were that easy to get a day off, right!?


Gail said...

We can only hope Jessie goes into the family business. She could make out the work schedules What an asset to her father!

Ken Loyd said...

Amanda, when you get your five weeks off can we all go to waterfall country? Huh, huh? Can we, can we?