Friday, July 18, 2008

Landscaping stuff

We have been fortunate enough to get 98% of all of our landscaping FREE! Either from family members, friends, or leftovers from jobs that Stephen has done landscaping at. Stephen does all the work, so I just get to reap the rewards! I would work outside more but I just don't get home in time. Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures to show off his talents - these plants would have died long ago if it weren't for him!

These elephant ears were given to us by Stephen's mom:

As you can see, they have grown to be very large!!

I only noticed this bush yesterday. Are these blueberries? Stephen says no, and they don't really look exactly like blueberries, so I'm unsure...

I am so proud of our lantanas!!

My favorite part is the flowers:

They're like gorgeous little cotton balls!!


jennifer said...

Everything looks so good! I do think those are blueberries, but I'm no expert. If they are I am veeery jealous.

Ken Loyd said...

Amanda, you'll do anything to show off your gorgeous rings (see photo of Amanda's hand juxtaposed with elephant ear plant. And I agree with Jennifer that the blueberries look like blueberries. Of course something eats the ones in Mom's prayer garden as soon as they ripen-- every year without fail!

Amanda said...

I did read on Wikipedia that July is "blueberry season" so I'll wait for more to ripen before deciding if I want to eat one or not!!