Monday, July 28, 2008

Hello stranger.

I had planned to blog today about our ground-breaking ceremony at church yesterday. We pulled up to church yesterday morning and there were bulldozers and mounds of dirt everywhere. Excitement!!! I took some pictures last night and really thought I'd upload them... didn't happen.

So instead, I'll write about something I'm really excited about. Movie night with Jenn and Lauren G.! We are watching one of my favorite movies, Closer. The first time I watched it, I watched it twice in a row, got on Amazon and bought it, bought Damien Rice's CD which features one song on the movie, called a couple of my friends, and hosted the movie at my apartment. Two more times. I don't know why this movie had such a huge effect on me! The only other movie that is on the same level of "affected-ness" is Love Actually. Best movie ever.

I was going to put some fun quotes from the movie on here, but to be honest, they either don't make sense because you would need to see the movie, or I'd have to censor them. So, I won't.

Maybe tomorrow sometime I'll blog about the weekend.

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