Monday, July 14, 2008

You may not believe this...

Remember this? I have been looking for spiders everywhere, wanting to test my newfound un-fear of spiders. Well, I got my chance today! Poor Emma found one in the sink of the bathroom, and I think it scared her half to death. I can tell because when we ran in she had her hand on her heart and she looked both disgusted and ready to pass out. When I told her and Renee that I wanted to save the spider and put it outside, they looked at me like I was a loony! But I am really trying to change my perspective on these nasty little arachnids. Fortunately, Renee was woman enough to document the whole event:

"Come on Spidey, this styrofoam cup is a spider paradise!!"

Me: "What if I take my hand off the cup and the spider is gone?"
Renee and Emma: "Ewwwwwwww!"
Me: "Mwahahaha!"

I did it! I saved a spider's life!

Let it be noted and Renee and Emma stayed with me throughout the whole thing, even though they are both arachnophobes (sp?). This just goes to show than an old dog can learn new tricks.

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Gail said...

I am very proud of both you and Renee. I know how afraid Renee is of spiders.