Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Meme - for your pleasure

Because I never do these, but I really love them!!

1 - Name something a claustrophobic person should not get into: Submarine!

2 - What one thing does a woman spend the most time on when getting ready? Hair

3- What is a Spanish word that everyone knows the meaning of?

4- Name something in your bathroom that you leave plugged in all the time?

5- Besides golfers, what is something you see on a golf course? Flags

6 - Name a household chore you actually enjoy?

7-Name something you walk out on: Argument

8-Name a place where you see nervous people: Courtroom

9-Name something that can be cherry flavored: Throat lozenges

10-Complete this phrase: "I'll never forget my first ___": Hockey game

11-Name another word for "Dad":

12-Name another word for "Mom":

13-Name something a married couple might want to have 2 of? Sinks

14-What is the first part of a person's body to lose the war with gravity? Eyes

15-Name something that is sold in bulk:

16-What age would you retire if you had enough money?

17-Name something you find on a kitchen table: lazy susan

18-Name something that rhymes with "dizzy": fizzy

19-Tell me how many people you kissed last New Year's Eve: 2 (Stephen and Jenn Kl.)

20 -Name something you see in a jail cell: a cot

21- Name a month with 31 days:

22-Name an occupation where you might work all night: Security guard

23-What is something you would find on a boat: crew

24- What is the first thing you drink in the morning? coffee

25- Name a reason why people move? Got a new job

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