Sunday, September 14, 2008

#55 - Update my iPod

Before: Over 13,000 songs (I took this picture after I started the process)

After: around 8700 songs (and yes, I was adding songs I liked as I was deleting others)

Subtitle: Get rid of all the songs on my iPod that are inappropriate, messed up for whatever reason, or I don't even know the song and certainly don't like it.

Have you ever bought a CD and then you were disappointed because you only liked one or two songs on the CD? Me too. Except all those songs I didn't like were on my iPod. Why? Because when I first got it I was just trying to fill it up as much as possible! Regretful now. There were songs that I have no earthly idea how they got on there but the songs were awful. I was happy to get rid of those. And then some songs that I never listen to anyway and they are just wildly inappropriate if anyone caught me listening to them! I don't need to listen to that junk anyway, so off they go. By the end of the process, I was throwing songs off left and right. I don't remember half of them, and in my opinion that means I didn't like them that much anyway. I bet my iPod feels like it went on a diet!!

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