Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Happy Anniversary to Stephen! This is our third anniversary and still going strong! As long as he keeps on following my orders suggestions we'll be juuuust fine. :)

And Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Jenn!! This ensures that I'll always remember her birthday and she'll always remember my anniversary.... or else one of us will forget a very important date!

We won't have the most exciting anniversary ever, but that's okay, because I feel more tired than any other anniversary. We are both working all day, and then we have youth group at church tonight, and then most likely we will come home, eat some dinner and watch about 30-45 minutes of America's Got Talent before deciding we just can't stay awake any longer. We are just party animals. But this weekend will be fun, going to Georgia. I'll probably blog about that later.

I just realized I was going to do NaBloPoMo this month, because it was a month of jokes and laughter! And I've already missed two days! Darn the months that start off not near a computer.


heather said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!3 years wow!!!Good work!!!!!!!!!Good thing you scratched out orders and put suggestions!!!!!!

Gail said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love you guys. love Gail and Jeff

jennifer said...

Happy anniversary to you! Sept. 3 is such a great day. :) Love you both!

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Jennifer!! Hope it was a great day! If you are coming to the ATL you better let me know!