Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The longer I am away from the blog the easier it is to not blog! So I am jumping back in today in hopes that I will post more pictures and stuff soon. This is going to be the Cliff's Notes version of last weekend.

Friday night Keely pulled into Pinebluff around midnight, long after I was in bed. But Stephen woke me up so I could greet her! We chatted for just a short while before heading our separate ways, to the bedrooms.

Saturday, unfortunately, I couldn't get off work. So at 6am I was on my way to work while Keely and Stephen were nestled snugly in their respective beds. So what did Stephen do to entertain Keely while I was at work?

Why, took her shooting of course!

Keely was extraordinarily excited about shooting, and Stephen said her face looked like "Christmas morning" after each pull of the trigger. They ended up shooting for six hours and Stephen said the best part was Keely listened to him the whole time. I find that hard to believe, but probably only because I have gotten so used to tuning him out on certain subjects... Stephen if you do end up reading this blog ever, you know I'm kidding, right? Right. :)

That night after I got home, we grilled ribs for dinner and made it through about half of the movie Just Married. Which, if you ever just need to laugh, you will love that movie.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. We went to church, and then decided on Sonic for lunch. It turns out that Keely has this competition going with a friend about eating out at Sonic so she had to text him pictures of her eating there! It was so funny!!! I kind of feel like me and Jenn should do that about Chick Fil-A except she would totally win. After that, Keely and I went to Carrie K.'s baby shower. It was so much fun! Of course I love free food, and I love seeing baby stuff! Well, particularly clothes. Clothes have always been hard for me to quit buying for baby showers. I mean, they're just so adorable!!! By the time we got home from that, we had about 45 minutes to relax before church that night.

Monday morning we got up in time to head off to Chick Fil-A so we could get multiple amounts of chicken minis - which they should seriously serve all day long. I'm serious, Chick Fil-A. Of course it was delicious as usual. If I'm ever really rich, I can see myself building a Chick Fil-A into my basement. Keely wanted to get an early start home so she could get back to Virginia by dark. So we took the opportunity to walk outside in the gorgeous weather. We played with Cassie some, and showed off some of our landscaping to Keely. We had very active nature that morning, and I took some pictures of some odd visitors we have at our house. They are spiders I can't identify. I'll post them soon. We had tons of butterflies on our butterfly bushes, a caterpillar making a cocoon, and of course the usual birds and rabbits that float around in our woods. It was really peaceful and it was about 76, so it was just perfect to go walking around outside.

After Keely left, (both her and Stephen were off for Columbus Day, which is a federal holiday, but I took a vacation day to have it off), Stephen and I spent the rest of the day LOUNGING. Because lounging doesn't happen very often for us!! We watched a couple of movies and just laid around snacking all afternoon. That night I had Ladies Group so unfortunately I didn't get to go to bed very early. But Ladies Group was awesome. The girls that cooked made chips and dip (one pizza dip, one spinach and artichoke), chicken salad sandwiches, sausage bruschetta (I'm sure I spelled that wrong - sorry), peach cobbler and this incredible chocolate/whipped cream layered cake with cherries on top!! Yum! Our Bible lesson was great too, as well as just sticking around afterwards to chat with everyone, cause I rarely have time to do that after church.

Yesterday I left work early for a doctor's appointment. It was just our family medical history appointment, so I was pretty bummed that I wasn't going to have an ultrasound done or anything. Stephen got off work early and met me there. My blood pressure was fabulous, if I do say so myself. 110/64. It hasn't been that low in forever! And I gained two more pounds, which makes a grand total of 5 preggo pounds so far! Then the nurse surprised us by taking us back for an ultrasound! She said because it's so long between the first u/s (around 8 weeks) and the second (around 20 weeks) that they like to throw in a freebie around 12-13 weeks for the mother's sanity. Thank you SP Women's Clinic!! It was amazing! Hopefully sometime I can scan those pictures and put them on here.

Last night we were getting ready for Bible study when we got the call that a church member's father had passed away, so church was cancelled. So we went over to mom and dad's to show them the u/s pictures instead. And then we finished a movie we had started on Monday! So another relaxing night!

Today I will dine with mom and dad for lunch, which will be fabulous as always. And we have church tonight. Tomorrow night I don't know what we'll do. See, we have a week off of school right now because our next session doesn't start until Monday. So we haven't had homework all week long! It's been a nice break. I'm sure we'll find something to do tomorrow night though.

I think that's everything!

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