Friday, October 3, 2008

Your Homework

A few weeks ago, in youth group, we did this short little "assignment" and then we discussed our answers and why we gave them. It was really quick, kind of hard, and pretty funny to hear people's answers. So I'm going to post the questions and my answers, and you should answer them too! (In your head only if you want)

1. Suppose you came home and found your house on fire, and you only had time to save three things. Assuming family members and pets are all out and safe, what three things would you save and why?
(To answer this question, I thought back to our break-in a year ago and what I really hoped they did not take)
1. computer tower (it has all my pictures and documents on it!!)
2. photo albums
3. my memory box

2. Suppose you went to the doctor and found out you only had one month to live, besides being with loved ones, what three things would you like to do before dying, and why?
1. travel overseas
2. evangelize on the streets (I would probably have more courage if I knew I was about to die. I know that's sad, but it's the truth)
3. buy tons of stuff with the money I won't be using anymore and donate it to local families

3. Suppose your best friend forever is moving away to another country in one week. You may not see each other again for a long time. What three things would you definitely want to say to your friend before he or she leaves, and why?
1. how they've helped me through a tough time
2. funniest memory of us together
3. my address and phone number

4. Suppose something way beyond your control came up and you had to give up some things in your life. From the list below, what would be the three hardest things for you to give up and what would be the three easiest, and why?
- Material Possessions (my car, home, nice clothes)
- Health (my physical strength and energy)
- Self esteem (my self worth)
- Your reputation (my popularity and respect)
- Political freedom (fair government, right to vote)
- Religious freedom (my right to worship God, free from persecution)
- Family (my parents, grandparents, siblings)
- Good Job (my career desires, earning a good living)
- Friends (my close friends)
- Faith (my faith and trust in God)
My three hardest to give up would be: religious freedom, faith, and family
My three easiest to give up would be: material possessions, political freedom, and a good job

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