Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Thoughts

I am really, really thankful for garages. Thinking back, I have never had my car in a garage (certainly not one with a door) until we moved into this house in June of 2007. Now, I really take it for granted! I guess this morning was the first time I really noticed it. I walked out of our house and into my car wearing a thin, long-sleeve shirt, pants, and sandals. My car thermometer said 56 degrees. Then I backed out, and started going down the road. I watched the thermometer drop...




Eek! 32!! That's freezing! (Literally.) Anyway, it wasn't so bad stepping out when I got to work, because I had been toasty in my car.
A couple of weeks ago, when Stephen's family was in town, we turned on the gas logs for the first time so they wouldn't freeze to death. Unfortunately, the day after they left, it still smelled like gas, so we just turned them back off. Wednesday, I took the morning off work to meet the gas people out at the house for them to check and see what was going on. The appointment was for 8:30. At 8:45 I called Stephen to let him know they weren't there yet (according to his instructions) and he called them. Well, it turns out that the girl who made the appointment didn't actually finish writing all the information down. So, on the appointment schedule, it was written, "First thing Wednesday morning" and nothing else. By the time this was all figured out, it was 9:30, and Stephen was NOT happy that I had to take off work for no good reason. So he told me he was making a new appointment and making sure to ask for some kind of compensation. (He also abides by "It never hurts to ask".) He called me this morning - they are coming this afternoon - and they called him to let him know that any time spent out at our house today will be free (it's usually $78 per hour and extra per 15 minutes after that). So, yay!
And another thing about appointments! I have a doctor's appointment (that is the fifth time I've written "apopintment" and had to revise it) on Monday at 8:20. Ten days ago I called to see if there were any later times I could come. No.... that is the only available time right now.

So imagine my surprise when I get a phone call this morning telling me that my doctor wasn't supposed to be schedule for Monday morning appointments, and can I change my time or day? Well that would be fine except I've already scheduled off work for that appointment, and scheduled other things on other days that I can't change. Finally she was able to change it to just 45 minutes later (??). Why are appointments so difficult?

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