Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whatta day

Well, today was a pretty good day overall, considering the fact that I have been really tired again this week. I think it all started with a rotten bed at the beach last weekend, but that's another story for another day.

First of all, I had a grand (albeit unhealthy as all get out) breakfast this morning. Renee spoiled me by bringing in cotton candy from the fair they went to last night.

I enjoyed it!!

At lunchtime, I had to go to FTF to have my yearly evaluation. I've never had a job evaluation before so I was curious to see how awkward it would be. Come to find out, if you're doing your job, it's not awkward at all! My boss recommended me for a pay raise and more hours, so when those come up I will be on the docket. That's a good feeling. Then I had a continuing education class, which talked about something we're involved in at work called Employee Assistance Program. That means all of the FTF employees get free counseling sessions through the EAP, totally provided for by the employer. It is totally free unless they have to refer you to a psychiatrist or something of that nature. Anyway, it was really interesting.

Then I finally got my research paper for my class graded. I was a little worried (but not much) about my grade, because I did 98% of my paper on the way to Myrtle Beach last weekend. Not the best atmosphere for researching. But anyway, I got my grade back on that today and I got a 96 on it. So I'm happy. The class average was in the low 80's, so I guess I did better than I thought!

We had Bible study tonight and I took a couple of pictures to show the growth of the building. It was so dark by the time we got there, though, that they didn't turn out very well. Maybe you can see a little though.

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