Monday, March 16, 2009

#31 - Host a movie marathon

Thank goodness for Jenn and Matt, who are my "go-to" people for pretty much everything. We've been trying to work out a movie marathon for quite some time now, and we were finally able to do it Saturday, even after a baby shower and the ACC tournament. They are definitely good sports. Jenn and I had our joint baby shower on Saturday, which lasted from 1:00 to about 4:30 or so. Then they came over to our house at halftime of the Duke game, and Jenn and I went to pick up pizzas for dinner. We were able to start the marathon around 6pm. First we watched The Departed (Matt's pick), then Love Actually (my pick), then We Were Soldiers (Stephen's pick), and then Steel Magnolias (Jenn's pick). During the last part of We Were Soldiers it was getting really hard to stay awake (in my opinion) so before we started the last movie we got up and made some popcorn and had some more pizza. That was almost 2:00am, so it gave us enough energy to push through that last movie! All of them were really different and a great mix of movies. Actually, I'd LOVE to do it again sometime, just starting a little earlier next time!!! I don't know about Jenn and Matt the next morning but it was very hard for us to get up for Sunday School. It was definitely the type of morning where it would have been easy for us to convince each other to sleep in but we did it - we got up on time! After church, we were so ready to get home and eat so we could take a nap. We ran out to our car (because of the rain), only to find that someone (not naming names) had thrown the keys in the center cupholders and then locked the doors. And our duplicate key for this situation was gone because it wasn't a good copy, and we've never gotten it replaced. These are days where I am so glad to live near mom and dad!! I called them frantically and they came to our rescue. Dad came and picked us up, and mom let us borrow her truck for the afternoon. I guess if they didn't live so close we would have had to call AAA. So, definitely by the time we got home and ate lunch we were sooo tired. I definitely don't even remember crawling into bed. We slept for three hours and then went back to church for choir practice. Of course then I couldn't sleep last night. That's one thing I don't like about naps!

Anyway, I am really grateful to them for doing the marathon with us, staying up so late, and everything! It was fun! And now I get to check one more thing off my list - yay!

I will blog about the baby shower later, with pictures. Oh yeah, today I am 35 weeks exactly, which means I'm also exactly 35 days away from my delivery date. I like it when numbers match like that.

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