Tuesday, March 10, 2009

School's out for the summer . . . early!

Okay, let me just have this post to revel in this. I realize it may be uncouth to post grades on here, but I am really excited!!

If you can't see those grades (this picture might turn out tiny or blurry), that would be a final grade of a 97. Including a 97 on my final paper thankyouverymuch!! This class has been pretty high stress for me, so I am really glad to get it over with. I certainly did not expect an A, but it feels really good to still have that unwavering transcript. Now I will take a break from classes until the bebe gets here, and then I'll probably do some of the on-campus classes I need for my degree. That'll mean a vacay to Lynchburg, VA! Woot, woot.

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