Monday, March 23, 2009


This post might be an overload of information... or it might not be, depending on how quickly I get tired while writing it.
These pictures are from 34 weeks:

These are the newest additions to our nursery: (courtesy of Leila!!)

These are diaper cakes we got at our baby shower, made by an old family friend. So cute!!

This is the stroller we got from a consignment shop. It's a Graco Alano stroller which retails for anywhere between $150-$190. We got it for $56 and it was only used a couple of times (the parents didn't like the colors or something and it was a gift to them)

These are gifts from our friend Kelly who is in Italy right now. What a great surprise to get in the mail!! This is a gorgeous necklace: The picture doesn't do it justice, trust me.

This is for Brianna!

We got a lot of chocolate from her, but since I waited until today to take pictures, you-know-who already ate all the other chocolate.

I got these in the mail today for free to sample them. A whole box of chocolate mocha granola bars! Also, I got a TON of $1.35 off coupons that I'm supposed to hand out to friends. So if anybody wants a coupon, let me know!

This post was really just a picture catch-up. I'll write something later about the weekend and stuff!

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