Friday, March 20, 2009

So late!

I know I have not yet blogged about our baby shower last weekend! It is called Too Busy For My Own Good, people! But when I try to upload my pictures from this computer, they are TINY!! Jenn put up some great pictures, but I have some really cute ones of Sally's baby that she brought and a couple of other ones. I will put them up from a different computer later. I have spent every day since Saturday going through baby shower gifts. I still have about six big bags to go through before I am completely done. In order to go through gifts, though, I have to actually be at home. That's the problem. And as Stephen pointed out, after Sunday I get to do it all over again, because I have another shower on Sunday! Although that one won't be nearly as involved, I don't think.

Wednesday night, our assistant for youth group called us at the last minute to tell us she had the flu and couldn't teach after all. Rather than coming up with a last minute lesson, we decided to have a game night even though we just had a party last week. But hey, we all need a break sometimes, right!? We spent the first 30 minutes of class outside since it was gorgeous, playing basketball (not me), blowing bubbles (totally me), and sitting around asking when we were going inside (me again). Then we introduced the kids to Outburst, one of the games I grew up playing and a game we still love to play when the whole family is around!! It was absolutely hilarious. I mean, my stomach hurt so much at the end of the night from laughing so hard. My team won, which was even better. The point of the game is that a category is given, and you try to guess the 10 things on the card that have to do with the category. Like, one of ours was simply "New York" and we had to brainstorm to come up with what was on the list. Somehow I missed things like Statue of Liberty and Greenwich Village, but that's what happens when you crack under pressure! You know a game is good when one of the categories is "Other Phrases For Throwing Up". Then you've got a team of 15-year old teenage boys yelling out, "Puke! Blow chunks! Upchuck!!"

Yesterday was a big day! Dad is now officially another year older! And to celebrate his birthday, the NCAA tournament started! Which means....

March Madness, baby!! So far I'm not doing AWFUL, but of course I would always like to do a little better. I'm 14-2 as of yesterday's games - we'll see how I do after today because I picked several underdogs.

Last night we had our fourth childbirth class, which I keep forgetting to update about on here. But lately, the things we've learned... well, if you've had a baby, you know all about them, and if you haven't had a baby, you don't want to know about them!! Really, though, the nurse that's doing this section of our class is AWESOME and I can't wait to see her in the halls when I'm in labor. She did an activity last night to kind of help the husbands understand the discomfort of contractions. She said there's no real way for them to know the pain, but they can understand being uncomfortable. So each guy was given a tub filled with ice and water. They had to stick a hand in the water for one minute (as long as a contraction might last). After about 20 seconds one of the guys said, "Wow, I could not handle having a baby!!" After the minute was over there was a lot of drying and blowing on the hands. Also, we weren't allowed to talk to them during that minute. Then, Joanne said, "Okay, I'll give you about two minutes to have that hand warm up but then you have to do it again. That's what contractions are like!" Of course all the whiners complained and moaned. But this time when they stuck their hands in, we were supposed to talk to them and tell them how good they were doing, etc. Supposedly it made the minute go faster. I started rubbing Stephen's arm and blowing in the water, doing everything I could to take his mind off of it! It did go a lot faster, but I am not good at that - I think I'll actually do better as the laborer rather than the coach. Good thing, cause I don't have a choice.

We also watched yet another birthing video. We watched a short one last week, but this week was a loooong one that took you through the five most likely births you could have. One was epidural, one was other medication (like Fentanyl), one was natural, one was C-section, and one was twins. During the first one, they took great pains to show the mom from waist up, and then all of a sudden, with no warning... BAM!!! Money shot!! Stephen goes, "Whoa, they really snuck that one in there!" And one girl completely turned around in her chair until the video was over. I mean, it wasn't THAT bad, but not something I necessarily need to see either. I don't care what it looks like when my baby comes out, as long as she DOES come out!

Tonight we are having pizza and a movie night with the youth group. We're finally watching Fireproof. Tomorrow we get to see Melissa at her baby shower, who is totally about to have this baby, but I hope it doesn't happen during the shower. Then tomorrow night we are hanging out at Potter's Cafe to hear our friends in the band Caught Up play. Ahhh, nothing like a decaf something with caramel in it in a cozy coffee shop with great music! This time we are getting there EARLY because we could hardly get seats last time. Well, actually Stephen didn't but I did cause preggers always gets a chair.

So, busy busy!! Next week we actually have a somewhat slow week with several nights off, so maybe I will get our baby shower stuff put away?? And maybe I will do all the things that I keep putting off, like vehicle inspection (just scheduled it for Monday, so check that off), car seat inspection, packing our hospital bags, putting all my pictures up on this blog, finishing thank you notes, keeping up with doctors appointments, talking my cervix into dilating, freezing a couple of meals.... I mean, of course I won't do ALL of this next week but I can get a good start on some of it! I am so goal-oriented in my head.

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