Monday, July 12, 2010

Camera Dump Part Deux

These are the videos of Brianna I was trying to upload the other day. They are still showing as errors when I look at them, but if I publish this post and make it public, they work for some reason. Hopefully they will work for you because these are some cute videos... if I do say so myself!

Watch her rear end right at the end of the video - she had done this for several minutes before I pulled out the camera...

This video would have been much longer except my memory card became full during the video and cut off the camera!!

If you ever watch Brianna eat, you will probably see her do this:


Kylie said...

She's so very adorable. I don't know why but she reminds me so much of my Emme. I think it's the bald head! haha

Amanda said...

Oh, she has plenty of hair... in the BACK! Yep, she is sporting a baby mullet. Hahaha!