Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Another Manic... Saturday??

Today was another chore-filled, activity-filled, hard-working-filled day!! Seems like I have had a lot of these lately!!

This morning Brianna got up early (8:00am people!!!) and I never fully recovered. Stephen and I both got up to support each other. Actually he should have been totally fine - that is over 2 1/2 hours longer than he can sleep when he is working!! And really, I should have been fine except I have been sucked into the Dark Tower series and can't quit reading at a decent hour. I need to quit finding my way into the kitchen at 1:30am, book in one hand, peanut butter brownie in the other...

Anyway, all that to say, it was fine that Bri got up early anyway because I had a Fed By Faith delivery this morning. It went well, it was just far away so it ended up taking quite a while to do, but that's totally fine with me. On the way home I stopped by Fifi's and picked up a check (cha-CHING!) so I can't complain. I also called Granny to wish her Happy 80th Birthday!! Seems like just yesterday she was 79...

I have a list of "every day chores" that I try to do, well, every day. I know my blogs lately have been very boring about all the housework I'm doing. Would you rather read about my housework or not have a blog to read at all? Don't answer that. I didn't get home until almost 12:30 so I was already behind on my chores. Luckily many of them are just about keeping the clutter off the floor. Here are the things I try to do every day: make the beds, wash the dishes, sweep the downstairs, make sure the papasan chair is not hoarding any junk, make sure our bedroom dresser is clean, clip and put away a certain amount of coupons, make sure I haven't left anything on the stairs, make sure my nightstand is clear of clutter, make sure the laundry is done for the day and put away (if any), and make sure the corner next to our bedroom dresser is clear. So most of these things are just checking to make sure the clutter doesn't begin again, only a few are actual chores.

When I got home I put Brianna down for a nap, and after I scarfed down some lunch I started cleaning the bathrooms. I cleaned and mopped the downstairs guest bathroom but after I cleaned the upstairs bathroom I got distracted by the attic. I needed a big box to put some of my yard sale items in and I ended up moving around some items in the attic to clear some space. That took quite a while and after spending so much time in the attic I was incredibly hot and tired. So to relax I just clipped coupons and watched Stephen play a video game instead of cleaning the last bathroom.

When Brianna woke up I made a run to Walgreens to get some school supplies for Fed By Faith. I blogged about it here. Then I still had some coupons that were going to expire today so we went to Harris Teeter so I could use those. I blogged about that here. Brianna always plays with the balloons in Harris Teeter and sometimes I get her one of the free ones in the "Balloon Corral" they have there. They happened to be out today but no big deal - the balloons don't really keep her attention once we're home anyway. Well, the lady in front of us in line saw how much she was enjoying playing with the balloon and told the cashier that she wanted to purchase one for Brianna! Stephen and I politely refused (those balloons are expensive!) but she insisted that she really wanted to buy her one. It got to the point where I thought it would be rude to refuse further so I picked out a Get Well balloon that says "This balloon will keep you busy until you feel better (please turn)" and on the other side it says the same thing. I thought it was appropriate since the balloon was definitely keeping Brianna busy. We thanked the woman profusely and she said, "It's so worth it to see that smile on her face!" I was very proud when Bri promptly marched up to the woman, grinning, and pulled the balloon down for her to see. Then she marched over to the bank inside of Harris Teeter and proceeded to play with the beach ball that was a prop for some deal they had going on. An employee immediately rushed out with another beach ball for her to play with and a lollipop. Not that we are crazy or anything but Brianna does not know the thrill of lollipops if you know what I mean. So once she got her hands on that thing she sucked and sucked and drooled and sucked. She was in hog heaven in Harris Teeter. The cashier said, "You don't even need to go on vacation! You can just come here to have her entertained!" So true. We had to take the lollipop away from her once we got in the car of course. Not ever having a lollipop I was scared she'd accidentally bite it and choke on it going down the road or something. Yeah, I know, I was actually paranoid about something.

When we came home Stephen needed to do his workout so I was doing some work on the computer and watching Bri when suddenly I realized I had just dozed off sitting straight up. I guess I was tired once I actually sat down! I logged off work and dozed for the rest of Stephen's workout which was about 10 minutes - the perfect nap for me. When he was done and I was awake we started discussing dinner. We really wanted to go out as a treat, so we decided to go to Chili's. Stephen wanted to call Steve and Kathy and invite them along - we hadn't seen them in quite some time. They were able to meet us out there and treated us to dinner. Very nice!!

When we got home I realized the counters desperately needed to be cleared of clutter. I had been just laying things on the counter all day. So I spent a while clearing the counters and then I finally went and cleaned the last bathroom while Stephen bathed Brianna.

It was a long day but well spent. And the best part is I got enough things done during the week that I can RELAX tomorrow between church services! Other than my every day chores I will have NOTHING to do! And I am going to enjoy it because starting Monday Stephen is working 20 days straight and overtime many of those nights and I'll be going crazy so I better enjoy our relaxing day tomorrow while I can!

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