Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday!

Still trying to get stuff accomplished around here! (And yet, I am taking a break to blog. Go figure.)

I had to get up at the unearthly time of 7:15 this morning. Oh wait, that's what time I was supposed to get up. I set my alarm wrong and didn't get up until closer to 7:30. So I was late, as usual. Back up....

There is a lady that has been coming to our church for the last nine months. She came up from her home in FL to visit her brother here in Seven Lakes for two weeks. While she was here his health took a turn for the worse and he ended up passing away. She has been in limbo here for nine months trying to settle his estate and move all of his belongings. Needless to say she has given so many items to FBF, so for that I am grateful! When I heard her plight I volunteered the youth group for moving services. After all, they can take the time to go to Carowinds as a group during the summer, so they should learn to do some Christian service during the summer as well!! We finally settled on today at 8:30am as Moving Day. Unfortunately after setting that time I realized how early I was going to have to get up to get this party started! I was going to have to wake up Bri and take her to mom and dad's by 8:00 so I could get to Brenda's by 8:30. (Thanks mom and dad - the perpetual babysitters this crazy week!!) So any youth members that were groaning about having to wake up early... I feel you! My child doesn't normally wake up until 9:00 or 9:30 so I am so used to sleeping in! But it was for a good cause. We had several youth members show up and within two hours we had cleared the house of all the boxes and furniture that would be making its way to Florida! It was really a lot of fun and I know Brenda truly appreciated the help. I know she is ready to get home!

I knew poor Bri would nap soundly when we got home since I had to wake her up so early. I absolutely hate doing that, but I knew she would survive. Especially staying with her Grandpa and Grandma. :) So when I got home, as much as I wanted to take a nap, I chugged two glasses of caffeine-filled Wild Cherry Pepsi and got to work... after I gobbled down lunch of course!

I was able to complete my every day chores and other things that needed to be done today:
  • made the beds
  • checked to make sure certain areas are still clutter-free (papasan chair, nightstand, corner next to dresser in bedroom)
  • cleared off the staircase
  • clipped and put away 75 coupons
  • put away five items in my car
  • made a run to Rite Aid and blogged about it
  • cleaned off the dresser in our bedroom
  • read a magazine to relax
  • wrote a letter to a very good friend I haven't talked to in months (like, she doesn't even know I am pregnant...)
  • dusted our dresser
  • took two Bookmooch packages and two eBay packages to the Post Office
  • washed, dried and folded one load of towels
  • counted up the amount we are donating to our FBF family this month
  • vacuumed the living room
  • swept
  • washed the dishes
Stephen, Best Husband Ever, was such a huge help tonight. After working all day and then doing a long workout session he still went to church with me to help with the Fed By Faith room. It had gotten out of control and was taking too long to organize in the couple of hours on Wednesday nights I have in there. We were really needing things put away NOW because the whole building has to be inspected before August 30 when school starts. We had major fire hazards in there and were blocking the only window exit. We stayed at church 2 1/2 hours. He loaded the entire truck for the delivery I'm making tomorrow as well as some things that were trash and need to be thrown out. He also watched Bri whenever she would get to a point where she was tired of entertaining herself. He lifted heavy boxes that I'm not permitted to lift (actually I'm not sure I could ever lift some of those boxes!!) and he helped me find the best places to put everything we're storing in the room. I wish I had before and after pictures because it is a totally different room now. It's so nice to just be able to go and DO IT. Just to have the time to set aside to get it organized and done and now it's such a relief!

Today was certainly a busy day right from the beginning, but I definitely love getting so much accomplished! Now I'm going to try to get some work done so I can catch up a little bit!!

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