Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Goals

As listed here, I had created a few goals for the month of June that I really wanted to accomplish. Let's see how I did...

  • $100 grocery budget - CHECK!
  • 6 new recipes - CHECK!
  • 5 books read and out of the house - CHECK!
  • $10 sold on eBay - CHECK!
  • make X amount of money - CHECK!
  • clean nightstand out - CHECK!
  • write one article - BUST!
----------------The Nightstand Goal---------------------
My nightstand had become a nightmare in the last three years of us living here. It was a catch-all for absolutely anything. My two drawers had reached capacity and I was so tired of seeing Junk Drawer every time I opened up my nightstand. It took all month long, plugging away while Brianna napped but I finally found a home for everything...

The Top Drawer: Before

Contained random items such as: pictures, 2009 planner, birthday catalog, tissue paper, miscellaneous notecards, a Borders rewards card, CDs, Singulair which expired in 2009, a flashlight, candles, a lighter, stamps, old check copies, 2 bottles of lotion, 2 bookmarks, 4 nail polish bottles, nail files, 6 pens, Phenergan from when I had the Norovirus, tampons, an expired CPR card, nail clippers, 3 hair clips, paper clips, bobby pins, thumb tacks, list of books I read a long time ago, manicure nail guides, a Pray for China bracelet, a golf ball, Bookmooch cards, ultrasound pictures, newspaper clippings, a letter from a friend, a Kerr Drug rewards card, an AL "hearts" ST button, Veggietales light switch cover, a youth games book, and a Brevard travel planner.

If you made it through that whole list, congratulations. I'm not even sure how all of that fit in my top drawer!!!

The Top Drawer: After

Now my top drawer contains: a flashlight, candles, a lighter, one bottle of lotion, two nail files, the Phenergan (you never know!), nail clippers, the book I'm reading at the moment, my journal and my Bible. And the top of my nightstand is empty now, because that's where I was stashing my books in progress.

The Bottom Drawer: Before

This picture doesn't do justice to the chaos in my bottom drawer. I wasn't as good about listing stuff as I cleaned out this drawer because I started it 6/11 and finished it yesterday. But for the most part, it contained: foot lotion, a headband, youth group games book, three empty notebooks, stationary, an old newspaper article about dad's retirement, an old Newsweek, Scooby-Doo ears from Stephen's birthday a few years ago, Bible study notes, a Blockbuster card, candles, two heating pads, a Betty Boop VHS, miscellaneous CDs and mix tapes, a craft book, other craft supplies, and my Ipod charger.

The Bottom Drawer: After

Now it contains: my Ipod charger, the Bible study books I am reading (on the left) and the "fun" books I am reading (right). Much nicer!

So I just now created my goals for July. They are pretty much the same as June.
  • $100 grocery budget
  • 6 new recipes
  • 5 books read and gone from the house
  • $10 worth of items sold on eBay
  • make X amount of money to go toward our savings
  • organize 300 coupons (this will involve clipping/sorting/putting in my binder... whatever it takes to clear away at least a partial part of the piles in my house!!)
I will probably add one more organization goal whenever I think of something else I want to do around the house.

This post is getting ridiculously long so I am going to stop for now!! I do have much more to blog about but I don't want to wear your eyes out!

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