Friday, October 1, 2010

First Few Days

Hunter had his first doctor's appointment today. It was pretty uneventful, and was our first outing with me, Stephen, Brianna and Hunter all together! He now weighs 7 pounds 1 ounce (they said he should gain back any lost weight within two weeks) and his head was 34 inches around. I only note that because I never noted Brianna's after her appointments. His jaundice level had risen so we have to take him back tomorrow to make sure it is going down. If it is, that's all we'll have to do - it will just keep decreasing on its own. We had that issue with Brianna. He has no other issues at all, so I will gladly take jaundice over anything else! While we were there we decided to get Bri her flu shot. She has her own doctor's appointment in two weeks but we figured we'd get it over with. She didn't really appreciate it but of course it was over and forgotten rather quickly!

The day I had Hunter, Leila drove into town to stay overnight with Brianna. Mom and dad kept her until Leila got into town. She left today so now we will start to see how Bri reacts with it just being the four of us around here! It will be REALLY interesting when it is just me, her and Hunter during the day!! Matt, Jenn, Claire, mom and dad came over this afternoon to see Hunter. Claire and Bri were able to play together so it was really nice. Hunter just slept the whole time but of course babies don't have to do much to be very entertaining!

Just as I was getting ready to cook dinner tonight, Jean and Lauren from our church showed up with tons of food from Smithfields! They stuck around for a bit which was nice to have some more conversation with people in the "outside world". We are not really the types to sit around at home but I am trying to keep Hunter home, away from the germs, for at least a couple of weeks. Not to say I will be home all that time! No way! In fact, I am planning an outing for tomorrow for just myself and Brianna. Stephen and Hunter can have some male bonding time and Brianna and I will do our thing!

Hunter's first couple of nights have gone very smoothly but Leila and Stephen were able to let me sleep late in the mornings. So I have stayed up with him during the night for feedings and then I catch up on my sleep in the morning. That's not always going to be an option, so I've got to figure out a pattern that's going to work for us. He pretty much sleeps all the time except for when he's eating, so he doesn't have his days and nights mixed up. It's more like he just thinks it's nighttime all the time!

I'm taking the opportunity to blog now because I have a feeling my blogs are going to be neglected here shortly, particularly after Stephen goes back to work. But not much is really happening around here so that's all I've got for an update!

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