Monday, October 18, 2010

Lots of Stuff

Man, it has been a crazy few days! Seems like we are never sitting down and there is always something going on! Which is the way I like it, after all.

Brianna had her 18-month doctor's appointment last Thursday, just two days after Hunter's 2-week appointment. It was easy breezy. Hunter slept through the whole thing and Brianna did great. She was very shy, but didn't cry. I'll take shy any day. She now weighs 22 pounds, 10 ounces and was 30 inches long. She's just about in the 25th percentile so she is moving up and right on target!

Thursday night Joy came over after work. She brought goodies for Brianna and Hunter, and by the end of the night was rewarded by a big smooch on the lips from Bri! That is very rare - Bri doesn't just throw around those kisses. We had a great time just hanging out and chatting.

Saturday morning, Stephen was working, so I took the kids to the Our Savior Lutheran yard sale where we met up with mom and dad. I bought several goodies, including clothes for 25 cents, some 25 cent books, and some Secret Sister gifts which I can't talk about! After the yard sale we went to 195. Hunter slept the whole time (he's so easy to please right now!) and although Brianna was a bit antsy, she didn't have a tantrum or anything and that's really all I can hope for. Unfortunately Stephen had to work until 8 that night (he found out late that afternoon...), so I ended up taking the kids to the store for probably the dozenth (????) time over a three day period. I've been going kind of crazy with some great deals that have been going on as well as Fed By Faith shopping.

Sunday I didn't make it to church. Stephen was working and Hunter was eating so we just hung out around the house. We went to mom and dad's for lunch, particularly for the fact that Granny and Granddaddy were coming to lunch. We stayed all afternoon and it was great! Very relaxing for me, not so relaxing for everyone who had to follow Brianna around entertaining her/being entertained!! When we got home around 4:30 or so, we all CRASHED! Bri crashed in her crib, Stephen crashed on one couch (he got home early from work since he had to work late the night before), and Hunter and I crashed on the other couch. It was the best nap EVER. We woke up just in time for Stephen to get Brianna ready for evening church. I couldn't go because of feeding Hunter again. That seems to be a common theme as to why I miss out on many events...

This morning I had to get Bri up for Mom's Morning Out. I let her sleep in and eat her breakfast in the car, hoping the sleep would mean she wouldn't be cranky at MMO. I never got a call to go pick her up so I'm guessing she was fine! I ran a couple of small errands and took Hunter to work for about an hour. After picking Brianna up, I thought she would need a nap but like last week, she was way too keyed up to sleep. We ate lunch and went to pick mom up for a trip to the grocery store. Afterward, back at mom and dad's house - Jenn and Claire showed up! Jenn and I were able to hang out with Hunter while mom and dad chased around after Brianna and Claire. Nice.

I keep being interrupted by a grunting son who wants to be fed and then falls asleep. So I'm going to cut off this post, gather him up, and grab a few hours of sleep while I can. I have a tendency to not go to bed with the rest of my family (I love getting things done in those late, late, QUIET hours!) and it's starting to catch up with me! We have a very busy week ahead of us too. So, to bed I go.

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