Thursday, October 21, 2010

September Goals

Yeah, yeah, I know it's almost the END of October, but I never posted about my September goals! As listed here, I created goals for September that I wanted to accomplish. Let's see how I did...

  • $100 grocery budget - CHECK!
  • 4 new recipes - CHECK!
  • 5 books read and out of the house - CHECK!
  • $10 sold on eBay - CHECK!
  • organize 500 coupons - CHECK!
  • hang all of Hunter's NB-3 month clothes - CHECK!
  • box up all of Bri's NB-9 month clothes - CHECK!
  • box up all kids older clothes (like 2T+) - CHECK!
  • clean out underwear drawer - CHECK!
  • make X amount of money - CHECK!
I did reach every goal in September. Although, barely the grocery budget - I spent $99.83! Whew, that was close.

My underwear drawer, like my sock drawer (an August goal) was out of control. I didn't take a picture, but here is what I found in my drawer:
  • 1 - pair of boxers
  • 3 - belts
  • 6 - nursing pads
  • 7 - old bathing suits
  • 7 - pairs of panties that got thrown away
  • 102 - pairs of panties that were kept
Looks like I don't need to buy any underwear in the future...

I didn't set any goals for October, which is great since I'm obviously behind on everything! I did want to stay under $100 for budget but I'm not even sure that's going to happen. We'll see!! I'll probably get back on track in November.


Kylie said...

you totally crack me up that you post about your underwear!! AND... those pics of Brianna with her little brother are beyond adorable.

Amanda said...

No modesty! Except... I did resist posting a picture :)