Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quick Update

Quick update on life while Hunter is napping and Brianna is playing with a box of brown sugar and a strainer. You take what you can get, right?

Last Friday we realized our time with Stephen at home was running short, so we made plans for all of us to go to the church so I could work on Fed By Faith stuff. A little before we were planning on leaving, Kathy called and said she was around town, and would we like her to pick Brianna up? Yes! So within a few minutes, Brianna was headed off with Kathy to see Grandpa Talbert and Grandma Betty. Stephen, Hunter and I headed off to church. Within about an hour and a half I was able to pack up pretty much everything possible for our two families we are adopting in October. We ran out to Tokyo Express on the way home because Stephen had been hinting not so subtly all week how good Japanese would be. Once we got home, Kathy, Steve and Betty all came over with Brianna. I was glad to get something accomplished for FBF!

Saturday, Cindy and Kimberly came over around lunchtime to meet Hunter and play with Brianna. I was glad they got to come but it definitely made me LONG for the days when I can bring him out in public more, and especially back to church. Not sure how much longer I am going to last with that.

Jenn and Claire came over for a play date, which was so much fun! It's so incredible to have someone so close whose child is going through the same issues as your child. I think we both feel like there is hope that both girls will eventually outgrow their climbing issues, standing up when they shouldn't, etc. It makes things more bearable for me.

That evening Stephen went hunting for the third time that week. He went Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings from about 2:30 to 7:30 or 8:00. It gave me a little taste of what it would be like when he went back to work and gave him some quiet time! I am used to these rugrats but he was about ready to go back to work I believe. :) Unfortunately he didn't get anything any of the times he went.

Sunday, since Hunter and I didn't go to church, I cooked barbecue chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese for lunch. I NEVER have lunch ready when we get home from church so I knew it would be a nice surprise for Stephen. It was delicious!

Yesterday Stephen had the day off - federal holiday - but I told him I wanted to take Brianna to MMO because I needed to practice having Hunter too. He gladly took the opportunity to go hunting again! When we got to the church I said to Bri, "You wanna go play?" She vigorously nodded and said, "Uh huh!" But once we got to the other kids she clung to my leg and cried! I told the woman in charge that she was probably going to have a tough time, what with Stephen not being around and stuff (she's quickly become more of a daddy's girl if that's possible). I dropped Hunter off at mom and dad's, went to Rite Aid, went back to mom and dad's to feed Hunter, and then went to work for about 45 minutes. When I went to pick Bri up it turned out the woman said this had been her best week so far, that she hadn't seemed sleepy at all, which is usually her problem. In fact, last week when Stephen went to pick her up she was asleep in the lap of Kathryn, so she must have been utterly exhausted.

We hung around the house last night since it was technically Stephen's last day home (although he's home every night) and then went to Dairy Queen to celebrate.

This morning Hunter had his two week appointment - already!! He weighs 8 pounds which is great because they just wanted him to be back at his birth weight. I'm tellin' you, he eats very consistently, so I'm not really surprised. Everything checked out great. Mom came with us as crowd control for Brianna, fortunately.

After Hunter's appointment, I took the kids to Walgreens for the first time by myself. I got several, "You had that baby already!?" from the employees, who know us well. They both did incredibly well which I am so happy about! Then we went to the Post Office because I was feeling positive. They did great there, too.

Now we are home, just relaxing, freezing zucchini, clipping coupons, cleaning up a bit, etc. Brianna's on my lap right now, putting chapstick on my lips and receiving lots of smooches from me. It's a good life.

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