Monday, October 4, 2010


Last night church was canceled, so we went on our first neighborhood walk as a family! (Hunter is the burrito in the back)

After our walk it was still really nice outside, so Hunter did this:

And Brianna and Daddy did this:

Beware: she loves to flick your lip and go "Pbbbbbt!" or "B-b-b-b-b-b" (those are the best descriptions I can come up with)

Loving on Hunter:

Oma had her hands full when she stayed with us!

She loves trying on anyone's shoes... no matter what size:

There is nothing cooler than feeding yourself!

Here she says, "All gone!"

Daddy gave her her first M&Ms: (much messier in real life than the picture shows!)

You can see from this picture that Brianna went and found three pacifiers and then walked around with one in her mouth and two in her hands. She would switch out her paci every few minutes. I guess they taste different.

The first time Brianna had muscadine grapes! Although I did eat a few, most of these are truly what she ate:

This is what she wanted to wear this day. She walked around like this for hours until we had to leave the house and I made her put on a real outfit. I'm a mean mommy.

Bri loves This Little Piggy and wanted to help me play with Hunter :)


mae said...

These are so sweet! Can't believe you just had a baby--you look terrific!! Enjoy your sweet family.

Sally said...

Wait. Are you sure you just had your second baby? You are amazing and your family is beautiful! I can't wait to see you guys in person :c)

Amanda said...

Thank you guys! We have been SO blessed!!