Monday, September 5, 2011


A couple of milestones happened yesterday that are not generally noted like the "big" ones (walking, crawling, etc.)

I was feeding Hunter breakfast yesterday morning in his high chair. He finished his bowl of peaches so I went into the kitchen, put more in his bowl (took maybe 4-5 seconds) and heated them for 13 seconds. I walked back in the dining room to find Hunter on the floor. On the other side of the room. Playing with a toy and squealing with delight.

I seriously almost peed in my pants.

How in the WORLD did that just happen!?!? P.S. Brianna was using the bathroom at the time, so she does have an alibi!

Then, before church, I was giving Bri dinner and Hunter crawled over to where we were in the dining room, stood right up at Bri's chair, and single-handedly took off his diaper. Gave me the biggest smile in the world and scampered off. That little stinker. I thought I still had a few months before he figured out how easily those cloth diapers come off....

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